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    ???????????? ???????

    ????????? ???????? ??????? ????? ??????? ?????? ???????????? ????? ????????

      ???????>?????>???? Anritsu
    ?? ????????MS2830A-044/045    





    ?? ????
    MS2830A-044/045 ???????????????????????? 110 GHz ???????????????ù????????? 26.5 GHz/43 GHz ?????????????????????? Tx ?????????????????????й???????????????????????????????????Χ?????????????


    ??? 10 MHz/31.25 MHz* ????????????????????????????????????????????????????λ??????​​????? CCDF?????????????????????????????????????????????????????·????????????????????????????????? 26.5 GHz/43 GHz (MS2830A-044/045)???????????????ж??????????????????????Χ??
        *??MS2830A-045 ??????


    --?????????????????????????????????? 110 GHz ????????????


    ?? ??????????

    --????Χ??MS2830A-044??9 kHz ?? 26.5 GHz 
                     MS2830A-045??9 kHz ?? 43 GHz

    --???? 6 GHz ???????????Χ
        159 dB??25 GHz ?????TOI????+13 dBm??DANL??−146 dBm/Hz
        157 dB??????40 GHz ?????TOI????+13 dBm ????DANL??−144 dBm/Hz

    --??÷??????? 43 GHz ⇒?????068/168???????÷????

      --DANL??−156dBm/Hz??25GHz ???

      --DANL??−150dBm/Hz??40GHz ???

    --????????????????? 110 GHz???⇒ ??????????????????????? (MS2830A-044/045)

      --????Χ??26.5 GHz ?? 110 GHz

      --????????SMA-J??50 ??

      --????????????5 GHz ?? 10 GHz

      --??????????1875 MHz

      --???????????????? ⇒ ?????????????? (MS2830A-044/045)

      --????????SMA-J??50 ??

      --??????????1875 MHz

      --???????????1 GHz??3 dB ?????????

      --???棺−10 dB??????

    --10/31.25 MHz ?????????????????????????????????
        ???006?????????? 10 MHz
              20 MHz ???????? = 50 ns ?????
        ???005: ????????????? 31.25 MHz
              50 MHz ???????? = 20 ns ?????

    --??????????????????? 190 VA


     Application  Model No.  Name/Functions  Brochure  Product Introduction
     Spectrum Analyzer  MS2830A-044
     26.5 GHz Signal Analyzer
     43 GHz Signal Analyzer
     Signal Analyzer  MS2830A-005

     Analysis Bandwidth Extension to 31.25 MHz
     (Requires opt.006)
     Analysis Bandwidth 10 MHz
     3GPP LTE (FDD)  MX269020A  LTE Downlink Measurement Software  Download  Download
     MX269021A  LTE Uplink Measurement Software
     3GPP LTE (TDD)  MX269022A  LTE TDD Downlink Measurement Software  Download
     MX269023A  LTE TDD Uplink Measurement Software
     WLAN  MX269028A  WLAN (802.11) Measurement Software  Download
     Evolution Base station
     MX269011A  W-CDMA/HSPA Downlink Measurement Software  Download
     Evolution Mobile terminal
     MX269012A  W-CDMA/HSPA Uplink Measurement Software  Download
     W-CDMA  MX269030A  W-CDMA BS Measurement Software  
     GSM/EDGE  MX269013A  GSM/EDGE Measurement Software  Download
     MX269013A-001  EDGE Evolution Measurement Software
     TD-SCDMA  MX269015A  TD-SCDMA Measurement Software  
     TDMA type  MX269017A  Vector Modulation Analysis Software  
     CDMA2000 Base station  MX269024A  CDMA2000 Forward Link Measurement Software  Download
     1xEV-DO Base station  MX269026A  EV-DO Forward Link Measurement Software





    ??? ???
     ???  ????Χ  9 kHz ?? 26.5 GHz (MS2830A-044)
     9 kHz ?? 43 GHz (MS2830A-045)
     SSB ????
     (500 MHz)
     +18º ?? +28ºC
     -115 dBc/Hz??100 kHz ????
     -133 dBc/Hz??1 MHz ????
     ????  ????????  426 (W)?? 177 (H)?? 390 (D) mm????????????
     ??15 kg?????????????????



    ??? ???
     ???  ???????? (RBW)  ???÷?Χ??1 Hz ~ 3 MHz???? 1-3 ???????50 kHz??5 MHz??10 MHz??
                               20 MHz??31.25 MHz
     (CISPR RBW)
     ?? MS2830A-016
     ???÷?Χ??200 Hz (6 dB)??9 kHz (6 dB)??120 kHz (6 dB)??
                               1 MHz?????壩
     ????  ?????????????
     +18º ?? +28ºC
     ????????????VBW??1 Hz???????????????????????0 dB
     ???? MS2830A-067/068????????????
     −134 dBm/Hz (100 kHz)
     −144 dBm/Hz (1 MHz)
     −153 dBm/Hz (30 MHz ?? f < 1 GHz)
     −150 dBm/Hz (1 GHz ?? f < 2.4 GHz)
     −147 dBm/Hz (2.4 GHz ?? f ?? 3.5 GHz)
     −144 dBm/Hz (3.5 GHz < f ?? 4 GHz)
     −144 dBm/Hz (4 GHz < f ?? 6 GHz)
     −147 dBm/Hz (6 GHz < f ?? 13.5 GHz)
     −145 dBm/Hz (13.5 GHz < f ?? 18.3 GHz)
     −141 dBm/Hz (18.3 GHz < f ?? 26.5 GHz)
     −141 dBm/Hz (26.5 GHz < f ?? 34 GHz)
     −135 dBm/Hz (34 GHz < f ?? 40 GHz)
     −132 dBm/Hz (40 GHz < f ?? 43 GHz)
     +18º ?? +28ºC
     ??0.5 dB  ??300 kHz ?? f < 4 GHz??????????????
                    ??300 kHz ?? f < 3.5 GHz??????????????
     ??1.8 dB ??4 GHz ?? f ?? 13.8 GHz??????????????
                    ??3.5 GHz ?? f ?? 13.8 GHz??????????????
     ??3.0 dB (13.8 GHz < f ?? 26.5 GHz)
     ??3.0 dB (26.5 GHz < f ?? 40 GHz)
     ??3.5 dB??????40 GHz < f ?? 43 GHz??
     ???????  ????????
     +18º ?? +28ºC?? ??300 kHz ????
     ???? MS2830A-068??????÷???????????
     ?????????????−15 dBm????????
     TOI = +12 dBm (30 MHz ?? f < 300 MHz)
     TOI = +15 dBm (300 MHz ?? f < 3.5 GHz)
     TOI = +14 dBm??3.5 GHz ?? f ?? 6 GHz??????????????
     TOI = +13 dBm (6 GHz < f ?? 13.5 GHz)
     TOI = +13 dBm (13.5 GHz < f ?? 26.5 GHz)
     TOI = +13 dBm??????26.5 GHz < f ?? 40 GHz??


    ?????????? (VSA) ????

    ??? ???
     ????  ?????  ?????????????????????λ?????CCDF??
     ????????  1 kHz ?? 10 MHz???? 1-2.5-5 ????????? MS2830A-006??
     1 kHz ?? 25 MHz???? 1-2.5-5 ???????31.25 MHz???? MS2830A-005??
     ??? MS2830A-007??
     ??????  2 kHz ?? 20 MHz???? 1-2-5 ????????? MS2830A-006??
     2 kHz ?? 50 MHz???? 1-2-5 ????????? MS2830A-005????? MS2830A-007??
     ????????  2 s ?? 2000 s???????????????
     ???????? (RBW)  ???÷?Χ??1 Hz ~ 1 MHz???? 1-3 ?????
     ???? MS2830A-067/068????????????
     −131.5 dBm/Hz (100 kHz)
     −141.5 dBm/Hz (1 MHz)
     −150.5 dBm/Hz (30 MHz ?? f < 1 GHz)
     −147.5 dBm/Hz (1 GHz ?? f < 2.4 GHz)
     −144.5 dBm/Hz (2.4 GHz ?? f ?? 3.5 GHz)
     −141.5 dBm/Hz (3.5 GHz < f ?? 4 GHz)
     −141.5 dBm/Hz (4 GHz < f ?? 6 GHz)
     −148.5 dBm/Hz (6 GHz < f ?? 13.5 GHz)
     −146.5 dBm/Hz (13.5 GHz < f ?? 18.3 GHz)
     −143.5 dBm/Hz (18.3 GHz < f ?? 26.5 GHz)
     −143.5 dBm/Hz (26.5 GHz < f ?? 34 GHz)
     −141.5 dBm/Hz (34 GHz < f ?? 40 GHz)
     −137.5 dBm/Hz (40 GHz < f ?? 43 GHz)
     ????????????  +18º ?? +28ºC
     ???? MS2830A-068??????÷?????????
     ??0.5 dB??300 kHz ?? f < 4 GHz??????????????
                    ??300 kHz ?? f < 3.5 GHz??????????????
     ??1.8 dB??4 GHz ?? f ?? 13.8 GHz??????????????
                    ??3.5 GHz ?? f ?? 13.8 GHz??????????????
     ??3.0 dB (13.8 GHz < f ?? 26.5 GHz)
     ??3.0 dB (26.5 GHz < f ?? 40 GHz)
     ??3.5 dB??????40 GHz < f ?? 43 GHz??
     ????????  ??????????? (ACP)???????????????? (OBW)
     ?????????  ?????????????????????? HDD ????????????豸




    Configuration Guide  MS2830A Signal Analyzer Configuration Guide
     Hardware  MS2830A  Main frame
     MS2830A-044  26.5 GHz Signal Analyzer
     MS2830A-045  43 GHz Signal Analyzer
     MS2830A-001  Rubidium Reference Oscillator
     MS2830A-005  Analysis Bandwidth Extension to 31.25 MHz
     MS2830A-006  Analysis Bandwidth 10 MHz
     MS2830A-008  Preamplifier
     MS2830A-010  Phase Noise Measurement Function
     MS2830A-011  2ndary HDD
     MS2830A-016  Precompliance EMI Function
     MS2830A-067  Microwave Preselector Bypass
     MS2830A-068  Microwave Preamplifier
     (Measurement software for Signal Analyzer)
     MX269011A  W-CDMA/HSPA Downlink Measurement Software
     MX269012A  W-CDMA/HSPA Uplink Measurement Software
     MX269013A  GSM/EDGE Measurement Software
     MX269013A-001  EDGE Evolution Measurement Software
     MX269015A  TD-SCDMA Measurement Software
     MX269017A  Vector Modulation Analysis Software
     MX269020A  LTE Downlink Measurement Software
     MX269021A  LTE Uplink Measurement Software
     MX269022A  LTE TDD Downlink Measurement Software
     MX269023A  LTE TDD Uplink Measurement Software
     MX269024A  CDMA2000 Forward Link Measurement Software
     MX269026A  EV-DO Forward Link Measurement Software
     MX269028A  WLAN (802.11) Measurement Software
     MX269030A  W-CDMA BS Measurement Software
     MX283027A  Wireless Network Device Test Software
     MX283027A-001  WLAN Test Software
     MX283027A-002  Bluetooth Test Software
     Warranty service  MS2830A-ES210  2 years Extended Warranty Service
     MS2830A-ES310  3 years Extended Warranty Service
     MS2830A-ES510  5 years Extended Warranty Service





    ·???????? FSC3/FSC6
    ·???????????? FSH3/FSH1
    ·???????? 3251
    ·???????????? FSH4/FSH8



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